RBI Monetary Policy: Brief overview

COVID-19 outbreak caught the world off guard early in the financial year, businesses and the common man intently awaited for some good news – which came in the form of support and relief measures from the May 2020 Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting. A Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), setup in May 2016 and consisting of […]

Make in India Series – FDI

India’s journey to FDI in defence begins in 2001 when FDI moved from public sector to Private sector for the first time. The limit was kept at 26% in automatic route. It was that time when India liberalised its economy and opened it up to foreign Investment. Initially, very few sectors such as manufacturing and […]

VCFO – Who Speaks The Language Of Numbers Fluently

During the early days of a small business, the proprietor is more interested in the sales and production aspects. Rightly so! Those are the wheels that set a business in motion. The proprietor thinks that once these aspects have gained momentum, he/she can look at other aspects, like Finance. The choice between outsourcing the finance […]